Booming Second Hand Clothing Market … booming need for PTC?

‚A new life for clothing from the old days‘. That is the Vintage Revival Mission with stores in a number of large German cities. Recently, they opened their latest shop in Hamburg.

As soon as you enter the new 130m² store, you will realize that it has nothing to do with Grandma or Granddad clothing or atmosphere. On the contrary, the interiors are stylish and decorated as a student den or an industrial loft. Several mirror constructions and Neon-Texts such as”Take a Selfie, fake a Life” invite customers to take a Selfie or post on Instagram etc. The clothing for both women and men are mainly collected from Textil Recyclers Texaid – the Switzerland-based organisation TEXAID that sorts and recycles used textiles worldwide. Apart from the stores, there is also an Online-Shop to order vintage clothing in all kinds of brands – from C&A to Valentino, but also without label.

Customers are found amongst the real vintage-lovers, bargain hunters and sustainability-aware individualists. As for the PTC industry this trend may offer considerable opportunities. Since what would second-hand clothing be without proper and sustainable cleaning?