The Böwe Family Team: Frank, Max and Laura Ziermann

Böwe: New Innovative solutions

Visiting the Böwe booth at an international show brings always news. Even when there is really limited process innovation on the show to see, Böwe has always something new. Frank Ziermann is working very hard on reliable advanced processing. This time there was the introduction of a unique Overboil Sensor. This device detects the surface of the boiling solvent in the distillation. When bubbles are detected the machine breaks the vacuum, the boiling point rises and the foam will break down. Problem solved.

Secondly an energy saving device to measure the termeability. When for instance garments with less dirt are processed and a second distillation is not necessary, the machine will stop the processing, hence processing time and energy is saved.

Frank Ziermann sees very promising opportunities developing in the USA. Böwe is a widely known esteemed brand with a huge potential.

Photo: The Böwe Family Team: Frank, Max and Laura Ziermann