British Laundry Creates a Successful Online (e-commerce) Community During the Lockdown

Acorns of Lancashire, a laundry from United Kingdom, underlines the importance of a common approach in the local community in facilitating a steady recovery of businesses in a safe environment. Acorns of Lancashire has used digitalisation to communicate and help the local community during these very troubling times. As Mrs. Cheryl Duffy (Acorns’ Founder) told CINET: “You have to give to your community to get back. ”

Local companies from all domains have join the online group

The company’s initiative, the “Shop local” online group gives businesses and customers an instant online platform to promote themselves and some have reinvented there services by offering click & collect, home deliveries, voucher schemes and much more turning themselves into digital eagles. They have also received the support of the public administration representatives on promoting the local online platforms which has now 2500 members, businesses and customers.