Californian growth for Mulberrys, by acquiring Laundry Locker San Francisco

Mulberrys Garment Care has recently bought Laundry Locker, the San Francisco laundry and dry-cleaning company with 350+ locker locations.

The acquisition is to strengthen the company’s mission of “becoming the first truly national garment care brand.” Dan Miller, founder and CEO of Mulberrys Garment Care:  “Laundry Locker is a beloved company that has served San Francisco well since 2005. Incorporating their  lockers into our existing on-demand and storefront service will provide more customers with convenient, affordable and sustainable garment care options.”

The existing lockers will be rebranded as Mulberrys and more of them will be added over the coming weeks. Arik Levy, founder of Laundry Locker: “Mulberrys is truly committed to reimagining the laundry experience and in an eco-friendly way.” His company claims to be recognized, “nationwide for its sustainable, toxin-free laundering practices, bright storefronts, and mobile on-demand app.” As Miller says: “By combining an exceptional customer experience with eco-friendly cleaning techniques, and fostering a positive environment for our employees, Mulberrys has seen great success in California, Minnesota and Texas”.