Call for nation-wide Energie Transition alliance in Germany

To ensure that Germany is prepared for emergencies, the “Alliance for a Fair Energy Transition” is calling on the federal government to act now. Uwe Mazura – general manager of the German textile and fashion industry – warns that if the gas supply in Germany were to be rationed, production lines and machines across the country would come to a standstill. It would also mean that the process of converting the economy away from fossil fuels towards renewable energies, will have to be stopped.

According to Mazura, companies with full order books get into trouble, because energy prices are making their products unaffordable. Consequently, more and more companies are giving up. This development must be stopped, since it might create an unhealthy dependency on others for important industrial products. Mazura states that 10,000 medium-sized companies in Germany keep the industrial supply and value chains running day after day. From supplies in the textile care industry or the automotive industry to the medical and health sector to environmental and energy technology sector and many more.

The alliance of medium-sized industrial sectors is therefore supporting the efforts of the federal government to prepare for a gas shortage in autumn and winter of this year.