Caribbean Laundry: top of the list on Google

Most Dutch textile care companies choose one focus point. Not Caribbean Laundry in Bonaire. Industrial laundry, textile care, self-service: it’s all under one roof.

Personnel works where it is necessary. Too much laundry? Some batches go to self-service. Dry cleaning is not that busy: stand alone, a company would not survive. Madaline Werleman runs Caribbean Laundry with her family and 25 employees. Hotels, restaurants and consumers are her main customers. Doing laundry on a little island is a bit different. Scent is important, coins still in full use, and water recycling not that easy. Hot water for washing is not common, which gives Caribbean Laundry an advantage. Covid was difficult, but the company received orders for washing on Facebook from people in quarantine. “We recovered quickly. Things are good. They have always been good, and they’re still good.” It helps that Caribbean Laundry is top of the list on Google.