Carrington Textiles Awarded For Biodegradable Workwear Textiles

Last month, UK-based Carrington Textiles – a leading producer of workwear fabrics exporting to more than 80 countries worldwide – was presented with the Innovation Award for its Hawksbill and Orca fabrics at the Network Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD) Convention and Exposition. The company was the first on the workwear market to use polyester fibres that biodegrade.

The event – with approximately 300 attendees – focused on how the industry can improve its sustainability efforts and how automation and technology could support environmentally friendly practices. According to Margaret Ramsdale –  an industry veteran and past NAUMD board of directors member – the 2022 NAUMD showed the high calibre of technical innovation, creative design, and environmental awareness throughout the uniform industry nowadays.

The award-winning fabrics contain CiCLO technology in their composition. CiCLO is an additive that is combined with polyester at the start of the fibre-making process. Thus a product is created that reacts like a natural fibre when it reaches the environment either through washing or end of life of a garment. Designed for workwear jackets, trousers and coveralls, Hawksbill’s composition includes 65% CiCLO polyester and 35% organic cotton, whereas Orca includes 26% recycled CiCLO polyester, 29% virgin CiCLO polyester and 35% Better Cotton.