CERCLEAN® approach impresses Chinese Visitors

The Chinese representatives of the China Laundry Association and various drycleaning and laundry companies, were introduced to the CERCLEAN® quality and hygiene management system. Various and successive presentations and demonstrations provided a good understanding of the need for quality and hygiene management. And a good overview of a professional step by step approach for improvements in the performance of processing Cerclean® offers.

CERCLEAN® supports business models!

Cerclean® offers a integrated quality management system focussing on the various processes within the company like sales, procurement, technique and maintenance, staff, environment and, off course, quality management. With this approach all aspects within the company are covered. It allows responsible people for specific tasks/activitities to monitor the processing and hence take measures for direct improvements.


The CERCLEAN® International Certificate is developed in the Netherlands some 50 years ago in cooperation with international suppliers and experts. Meanwhile adopted in countries around the world. The full package offers training and consultancy; E-Learning materials, workshops and practical (on the job) training with examples and formats. It is available in several languages. In 2018 CINET implements CERCLEAN® certification in 10 new countries across the globe, focusing on high quality businesses that are able to set the international standard.

For more information you can consult the website www.cinet-online.com.