CERCLEAN® certification for Jieda Laundry from Dongguan (China)

An outstanding example of  best practices in retail textile cleaning, Jieda Laundry is a company which focuses the high end segment market. The shop’s concept is of a premium boutique aiming the individual customers, processing approximately 1000 pieces a day, supported by the company’s factory in the outskirts of the city.

Jieda Laundry, a well-organized operation

Being located in Dongguan, in the Southern part of China, the seasonality and the weather influence the demand. The portfolio of services Jieda Laundry is delivering to the clients covers a wide range, including leather products, bags, motorcycle clothing, wedding dresses, etc. In total, 25 employees work at Jieda.

Attention to every detail is part of the outstanding service Jieda is delivering to its customers

Jieda Laundry was certified in September according tot he CERCLEAN® quality management system. A system which not only guarantees sustainable business processes and good working conditions but also meeting quality requirements. This is achieved by constant monitoring and controlling the business processes which also improves the efficiency.

First five laundries received the CERCLEAN certificate (according to ISO 9001:2015) during the general assembly of the China Laundry Association. After several months of developing their quality management systems in collaboration with CLA and CINET the companies FHE Laundry, Shicao laundry, TianTian, Jieda, and Ziwei Laundry officially receive their certificates.

CERCLEAN® supports business models!

Cerclean® offers a integrated quality management system focussing on the various processes within the company like sales, procurement, technique and maintenance, staff, environment and, off course, quality management. CINET offers full support to enterprises in cooperation with national organizations, associations and representatives of international suppliers.

CERCLEAN® step by step towards quality management! 

The CERCLEAN® International Certificate, launched in 2016, is developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with international suppliers and experts and. Meanwhile adopted in countries worldwide. The full package, available in the various languages, offers training and consultancy; E-Learning materials, workshops and practical (on the job) training with examples and formats.

By the use of a web based application on the CINET website, students are guided along the different steps leading to certification. Tools and all steps are fully explained and documented and thus accessible even though companies may not have any experience with certification. By making use of the E-Learning tool,and webinars on specific subjects the companies will gain the knowledge needed to develop a comprehensive quality management system. This step by step approach enables companies to follow the program at their own pace.

Cerclean® certificate icing on the cake

The program results in a documented handbook tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in various market segments in which they operate. After audits by certified auditors and approval by the CINET International Certification committee,  a Cerclean® certificate will be granted proving conformity and giving support to the communication of a company with target groups. For customers and authorities it is a proof of controlled business processes and therefore a consistent quality level of products and/or services.