CERCLEAN® Certification: Maglificio Erika

After performing the audit, the CERCLEAN® certification will be granted to company Maglificio Erika. They were one of the first pilot companies to receive the CINET International Certification for 2014-2017; they will be re-certified for 2018-2021.

In the first week of May CINET travelled across the Northern part of Italy to visit some of the most extraordinary laundry facilities in Italy. Due to the many years of experience, the companies have a tremendous know-how in fabrics and how to process them. In some cases it’s truly extraordinary how the company advises on the care label with washing instruction based on experiences in the past.




Safe storage, also for the other chemicals and detergents.


Chemicals are properly stored on spill trays with sufficient capacity.


Maglificio Erika has a wonderful setup with 2 PERC machines and 1 hydrocarbon.


Proper maintenance of the machine is done every 2-3 cycles, daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly.



For each garment that is produced the company finds out the best cleaning process to be put on the carelabel, sometimes in collaboration with the fashion brand. An extraordinary level of know-how is build up on fabric care throughout the years.




The CERCLEAN® International Certificate is developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with international suppliers and experts. It was launched in 2016 and is meanwhile adopted in several European and Asia countries. It includes a full package of training and consultancy; E-Learning materials, workshops and practical (on the job) training. It is available in several languages. In 2018 CINET will aim to implement CERCLEAN® certification in 10 countries across the globe, focusing on high quality businesses that are able to set the international standard.