CERCLEAN® Certification: Maglificio Tonello

After performing the audit, the CERCLEAN® certification will be granted to company Maglificio Tonello.

The Company was founded in 1975 starting from the passion of the typically Veneto industrial spirit and developed into accuracy and precision of processing over the years. Today the 2nd generation is leading the company with the same view of combining artisanal techniques and modern production processes to maintain the high quality product, to which CERLEAN® contributes and for which they are well-known amongst major fashion houses.  

Quality management becomes more important and therefore the demand of appropriate  systems. There are a number of available systems. But many of them do not apply to the specific processes of textile care. Also these generic systems are expensive and time-consuming to implement in and adapt to practical processing in a textile care company.


To make quality management easier accessible for the Professional Textile Care industry CINET developed a dedicated step by step e-learning program at low costs, for both textile service (CERCLEAN® TS) companies and Retail Textile Cleaning (dry cleaners) CERCLEAN® TC. For each PTC company international certification is now easy to understand and efficient to implement.

The CERCLEAN® International Certificate is developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with international suppliers and experts. It was launched in 2016 and is meanwhile adopted in several European and Asia countries. It includes a full package of training and consultancy; E-Learning materials, workshops and practical (on the job) training. It is available in several languages. In 2018 CINET will aim to implement CERCLEAN® certification in 10 countries across the globe, focusing on high quality businesses that are able to set the international standard.