CERCLEAN is about Quality and Hygiene

Due to the corona virus, hygiene has become a more important topic than ever. Consumers as well as companies will become more critical when it comes to hygiene standards and guarantees. People want to know about contamination risks, consumers, end-user and employess alike. Therefore they will prefer certified companies over others. CERCLEAN® International Certification can help your business to gain more trustworthiness an professionality.


What kind of results you can expect

  • Staff is involved in continuous improvement on the workflow and so you increase productivity and commitment to jointly work towards company (mid & long term) goals and objectives.
  • Quality control is emphasized in a standardized process to ensure customer expectations are managed and met.
  • Safety is well taken care of on the work floor so the chance for accidents is minimized. Also possible risks are identified and periodically evaluated to continuously improve your professional operation.
  • Your laundry offers a sustainable textile care service, meeting a minimum of international standards evaluated based on the current national market conditions. When the international standards are too farfetched for current national market conditions a ‘List of Exemptions’ is agreed upon for a specific country. This list is evaluated on a yearly basis for possible improvements in the market. Worldwide environmental legislation is becoming more strict, CERCLEAN® will ensure that compliance to national regulations is included at all times.
  • Besides the international standards your laundry will commit to continuously lower the eco footprint based on an annual improvement plan that is included in the CERCLEAN® program. Naturally this will also lower operational cost.
  • The standardized procedures that you formulate for your laundry business result in lower operational cost (less re-wash, less accidents, appropriate use of resources and increased productivity by optimal loading ratios, etc.).
  • By implementing internationally recognized ISO 9001 and optionally RABC / EN 14065 principles you profile a trusted service with higher added value for your customer. Naturally this added value should aid your sales people whilst discussing pricing.
  • Setting an international standard in your market results in professionalization of the industry and puts up a ‘barrier entry’ for new players on your laundry market (you can check Porter’s theory on this via Google). In some matured markets these certification qualifications are included in tender procedures. When a laundry doesn’t have this certificate it is impossible to participate in the tender procedure


When to start

You can start anytime. Ask for a quote by filling in the form below:

For more info, you can download the new CERCLEAN® International Certification brochure here!