CERCLEAN® profiled as the benchmark for Hygienical cleaning and Personnel Safety in China

China Laundry Association (CLA) has initiated an intensive national PR campaign aiming to profile the CERCLEAN® International certification as the best solution to implement a quality and hygiene management system for laundries. The safe working procedures applicable during the Corona pandemic, as well as the hygienical (Corona-free) textile processes are the main topics of the campaign.

The China Laundry Association (CLA) is the Chinese umbrella association for the dry-cleaning and laundry industry. CLA represents regional and megacities associations over China, as well as suppliers and other institutions.  CINET has a long lasting partnership with CLA aiming to accelerate the development and implementation of new safe & sustainable processing technologies in Chinese laundries.


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The Corona pandemic underlines the importance of Hygiene and of a  Hygiene Quality scheme focusing on meeting hygiene requirements, a structure to improve control performance, helpful in dealing with Corona and other viruses. Delivering Corona-free textiles, linnen and uniforms generates trust among clients, with textiles meeting requirements for use in markets such healthcare, food industry and hospitality.

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