Certex: Newasco Neerlandia certified for Certex ISO 9001:2015

Newasco Neerlandia in Rijen has implemented the new Certex manual (version 2017). This means that the company meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and EN 14065. Recently, the recertification for this has been successfully completed!

Newasco Neerlandia is allowed to use the Certex Certificate quality management system. This demonstrates compliance with ISO 9001 and NEN-EN 14065 RABC, the standard that monitors specific hygiene risks within a laundry. The RABC standard can be seen as a counterpart to the HACCP standard known within the hospitality industry.

The importance of International Certification 

The interest in quality management worldwide is growing as a result of social, economic, technological and political developments. Distances between industries and consumers/users have grown which troubles the view on the origins and performance of products and services.

Legislation and standardisation put an increasingly heavy responsibility on parties, more so in the business to business relationship in which more mandatory requirements are of importance. Where industries evolve, the demand for quality management systems increases proportionately. This applies to professional textile service and textile cleaning.

Through worldwide cooperation, we can advance the Professional Textile Care Industry.

CERTEX® Certification

Accredited international certification program with a handbook meeting ISO 9001 and RABC requirements, as well as industry standards. CERTEX® has been operational for over 30 years, governed by an independent council and accredited according to the international council of accreditation.

CERTEX® is the final step to accredited certification. After acquiring the CERCLEAN® Level 2 certificate, companies can apply for the CERTEX® (Level 3) certification Guidance and support are offered by the auditing organizations:

RAL/GZ 992*

  • RAL originates from Germany and is exploited by the German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services
  • Audits are executed by Hohenstein Institute


  • CERTEX® is outside of The Netherlands, exploited by CINET

On www.certex.info you can find a complete overview of all Certex-certified companies.