Certex: Successful Recertification of Barth Slijkhuis (NL)

Recent Certex audit has been conducted at Barth Slijkhuis B.V. (Laag Soeren, The Netherlands) in order to be able to re-certify this company for a period of three years. With a good outcome, because the certificate has been issued!

Barth Slijkhuis is thus allowed to use the Certex Certificate and quality management system. This demonstrates compliance with ISO 9001 as well as NEN-EN 14065 RABC, the standard that monitors specific hygiene risks within a laundry. The RABC standard can be seen as a counterpart to the HACCP standard known within the hospitality industry, which is important to Barth Slijkhuis because the company specializes in, among other things, textiles for healthcare and food industry.

 Certex® benchmark since years!
In the Netherlands Certex® acquired a solid position in industrial textile service. Based on the international acknowledged standards ISO9001:2015 and EN 14065 “Textiles – Laundry processed textiles – Biocontamination control system”. Certex® is developed by the Dutch association for textile service companies together with the Dutch union for quality in hospitals. The established requirements and criteria, with specific values for microbial contamination, were adopted by the Dutch Working Group Infection Prevention in the guideline “Linen in Hospitals”.

Get started with Cerclean®!
The development of such a complete and effective quality and hygiene management system is challenging. To help companies CINET developed Cerclean®, a comprehensive program offering full support to enable anyone to gain essential knowledge. By following the step-by-step approach, a comprehensive quality management and hygiene management system is implemented. A system tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in various market segments in which they operate.