Certificates Master Class Hygiene for Hospitality

Wednesday, June 1st, the second Masterclass Hygiene took place. This session, organized by CINET, was focused on Hospitality. An international audience took part in the Masterclass which covered the ins and outs of hygiene in professional textile care for the hospitality industry. Explained was what “hygienically clean” means and what it takes to achieve this, both from the customer and from the laundry. For laundries the protection of employees is an extra attention point.

The Masterclass ended with a exam to test the knowledge gained during the session. Anthony Hendriks (Christeyns), Jurriaan Verzeilberg (wasserij Korsow) en Laurine van der Moot (US Laundry) were granted with the first certificates Masterclass Hygiene for Hospitality.

Earlier certificates for the Master Class Hygiene for Healthcare were granted to Mrs. Laurine van der Moot (US Laundry) and Mrs. Annemieke Hoogeweegen (Newasco Diensten).