Certified Laundries Have Higher Revenues In Corona Times. Get A CERCLEAN® Certification!

The Corona pandemic has brought many uncertainties, but, as underlined during the Global Best Practices Awards 2020 Event (Nov 4-5), one thing is for sure: the importance of hygienical cleaning is bigger than ever. End consumers, as well as companies became more critical when it comes to hygiene standards and guarantees, the potential contamination risks for consumers, end-users and employees. There is no wonder why the certified companies have a major competitive advantage and therefore, higher revenues. In this context, CERCLEAN® International Certification can help your business to increase its trustworthiness and professionality.

Benefits of CERCLEAN® International Certification.

1. Implementing international best practices in PTC CERCLEAN® provides a complete step by step model for the laundry manager to implement best practices on  professional laundry and dry cleaning management in a laundry facility. The program is split up between a certification  scheme for Industrial Textile Services and Retail Textile Cleaning, so the program specializes based on the business model that is applicable. The handbook and easy-to-fi ll-out forms are based on optimized work fl ow and conditions, annual training of staff, setting yearly quality objectives, handling of hazardous chemicals, proper maintenance of machinery, good housekeeping, complaint management, productivity improvement plan and an energy savings plan.

2. Proven solution & continuous development. Over 50 years ago the industrial laundries started developing certification schemes in collaboration with health care organizations and governmental bodies based in Europe on ISO 9001 and later on RABC norms (EN 14065). With a global perspective CINET is committed to spread this knowledge on best practices and continuously work on improving the know-how in the program based on new innovations coming from the industry.

3. Most cost effective solution. The laundry manager can work anytime and anywhere as this is a digital, self-explaining program dedicated to PTC. Naturally users get online support of licensed  CERCLEAN® auditors. After applying for the program the laundry manager starts creating a handbook with standard procedures for their own specific laundry business and customers, supported by e-learning on quality & (optionally) hygiene management. This is much less time-consuming than buying a generic quality management program that is not dedicated to PTC. Besides that the program is updated annually based on the latest industry innovations.

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