from Daimler for fresh laundry brought to your car from Daimler for fresh laundry brought to your car (Germany)

Daimler AG in Stuttgart has started a new service concept called together with cooperation partners. is a corporate start-up of Daimler AG, and it is an abbreviation of “CHAnge the way you paRK”. The service is designed to allow Mercedes drivers to have their car washed and supplied with groceries, parcels or fresh linen during the park hours. For the laundry delivery service, Daimler co-operates with the Stuttgart textile cleaning company Trieb . Trieb picks up dirty laundry and delivers the freshly laundered clothes back into the vehicle later in the day.

The service, which includes an app for the customer, is currently in the firsttesting phase. The second phase should follow in 2018 and the official market launch is expected in 2019. If you book a service with a provider, they will send you a one-time access request for the service period specified at the time of booking. Only when you have confirmed this, the service provider can open and close your vehicle once at the designated location in this period. For this, the supplier who performs the service has a app.