China Laundry Expo 2018, a booming number of visitors in a booming market

The 19th China International Dyeing and Dyeing Exhibition was attended by more than 20.000 visitors in Shanghai. More than 220 outstanding enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions were present to exhibit their products and services on a surface of 23.000 m2.


Special machinery from Haier for shoe cleaning 

This successful 19th edition marks a steady growth rate for China Laundry Expo since the start in 2000. The solid market growth means also comes booming sales by suppliers, a conclusion proven by many new entries in the market. However, the market research seems to be less developed. As a result, several companies have to stop their operations, due to the fact that in reality the market is not as large as they thought it would be.

The exhibition showcased several wash tunnels

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