China Laundry Expo

China Laundry Industry Outstanding Representatives Show

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China Reform & Opening-up. China laundry industry has become an indispensable and important industry which closely related to daily life. Through persistence and devotion of Chinese entrepreneurs within Professional Textile Care prosperous development was made possible for both local as national industry.

“The power of example is infinite, while excellent model is the best persuasion”

This year’s 19th China International Laundry Expo, the largest event in Chinese laundry industry this year, will organize The Showcase of the Salution to China Laundry Figures, which will call on the whole industry to learn and study from fine examples and models.

China Laundry Association will again organize Factory Visit & Study for Outstanding Laundry Enterprises. These visits will be available to the industry delegation to learn advanced management and development concepts. Please follow the WECHAT platform for the final members of the visiting delegation.

During the exhibition newest products will be released and technical seminars will be held to introduce and discuss the latest laundry technologies, ECO products, smart technologies, post-finishing products, etc. A program of possible seminars to attend to, will follow soon.

The organization can report that over 1,300 booths in hall W1 & W2 at SNIEC have been fully booked by 200+ famous exhibitors home and abroad. With the total show space of 23,000 square meters, China Laundry Expo 2018 is amaing to become the largest and most important industry event in Asia.

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