Christeyns supports mental health in the workplace

The Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 has recently taken place in the UK.  According to the NHS, one in four adults experience mental illness.  Working conditions and the workplace environment can have a huge impact on mental health and can consequently influence performance at work.

Chemical and laundry engineering specialist Christeyns firmly believes it is part of an organisations’ responsibilities to take a proactive, preventive approach to employee mental ill health and was fully supportive of the awareness week. During the course of the week the firm focused on a different mental health topic each day.

Christeyns HR manager Sarah Dufton: “In our business, health and safety is an absolute priority. Mental health wellbeing forms part of this agenda and is just as important as physical illness. As an employer, we have a large part to play in building awareness and understanding. Following a review last year of our mental health support offerings and policies, we have invested a considerable portion of our HR budget into this important area.”