CINET Activity Program during JET EXPO 2019, an outstanding success!

At JET EXPO 2019 in Paris, France, CINET organized a full Activity Program that was received with enthusiasm by the participants. The CINET General Assembly (Sunday, May 19th) was marked by an impressive attendance consisting of more than 40 representatives of CINET members: national associations, individual companies (Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services), suppliers, experts and research institutes.

The European Associations Meeting
The European Associations Meeting (Sunday, May 19th) brought together the representatives of the European PTC National Associations. The round table talks revolved around the common and specific challenges throughout Europe and on ways to strengthen the cooperation at the continental level.

First meeting of the European Associations, outline the program and plans for next events

WOPCOM Experts Meetings
The WOPCOM Experts Meetings (Sunday, May 19th – RTC and Monday, May 21st – ITS) marked the first and extremely successful reunions of some of the 25 new platform’s experts, with fruitful discussions, debate and plans for intensifying the WOPCOM’s contribution in sharing ideas that will stimulate innovation for the development of the entire Professional Textile Care industry.

Passionate discussion for new topics addressed by WOPCOM experts

French Best Practices Awards 2019
Organized by CINET in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt France, The French Best Practices Awards event took place during JET EXPO 2019 and it was one of the Pre-selections chapters in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program 2019-2020, whose Final will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 20-22, 2020).

KUNZ SAS (RTC segment), KTM (Big RTC segment) and LOSA CLEAN (ITS segment) were the Overall Winners at The French Best Practices Awards 2019. The sponsors of the French Awards were Inforum and Kreussler.

Retail Textile Cleaning segment winners. Mr. Cedric Dekeyser (left, Atyom), Mr. Peter Wennekes (right, President & CEO of CINET), Mr. Michael Scherpe (President of Messe Frankfurt France), congratulating the winners (Kunz SAS, KTM and TYKAZ)
The ITS segment winners, congratulated by the French Best Practices Awards Jury, Mr. Peter Wennekes (right, President & CEO of CINET) and Mr. Michael Scherpe (left, President of Messe Frankfurt France)

Company visits
CINET organized company visits for the international participants willing to witness the focus on quality of some of the most outstanding retail textile cleaning shop in the French capital. The international delegation consisted of executives from retail textile cleaning and industrial textiles companies, as well as national associations around the world.
The first stop for the delegation was at Pressing de la Madeleine, an amazing shop in the heart of Paris, in the vicinity of Opera Garnier. From major brands such as Louis Vutton to international movie stars as Monica Bellucci, this shop is serving its customers with a variety of services of high quality for 35 years. Mr. Maurice Benhamou, CEO and owner of Pressing de la Madeleine, presented the key elements of the company’s operation. Among these, the attention to details, from the reception to the finishing, the space optimisation, the innovative steam generating system and the customer care.

Mr. Benhamou, presenting his company                The happy clientele includes some movie stars

The second stop was at Netomatique, situated in the middle of the vibrant 9th Arrondissement in Paris. The international delegation was impressed by the plurivalence of the company’s small, but dedicated team, as well as by the CRM system and the efficient operations flow.

A warm welcome at Netomatique Paris


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