CINET RAI INTERCLEAN Laundry conference

CINET and the RAI sign partnership to organize INTERCLEAN professional laundry conference

Recently CINET and the RAI Amsterdam have signed a partnership to organize a professional laundry conference during the upcoming INTERCLEAN show 12-15 May 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The main objective is to set up an informative conference around ‘Best Practices = Safe & Sustainable Profit’ for stakeholders in commercial laundry. Through the CINET network a number of speakers will selected to adress topics like:

  • Laundry vs. Professional Textile Care; a Roadmap towards 2030
  • Best practices in quality control & safety
  • Green cleaning: sustainability in industrial laundry
  • Outsourcing vs. in-house laundry incl. Ecotool life cycle analysis
  • Hygienical clean laundry
  • How internet of things is impacting laundry
  • New business cases from various countries:
    • Laundry on demand business model: uberization of the laundry industry
    • Pay per wash
    • Strategic partnerships blurring industry verticals


Call for papers

CINET and the RAI have started to design the conference program in line with the above topics. In discussion with members and other partners additional topics and potential speakers are currently approached. In case you have topic suggestions or you would like to be involved as a speaker please send an email to

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