CINET – ASLI Cooperation for Best Practices!

Inspiring events for Indonesia & South East Asia PTC Awards

Jakarta; Best Practices are winning ground in the South East Asia Professional Textile Care (PTC) Markets. Over 200 attendants witnessed the performance of 18 nominees from these countries resulting in Overall Best Practices Awards for Jeeves of Belgravia Indonesia (SEA Awards) and Netto Coin Laundry in the category Kiloan Commercial Laundries. All nominees were rewarded with an Award of Excellence. The visitors from many countries in the region were inspired and went home with numerous ideas and options to build up their own businesses.

Exciting audience supporting the participating nominees from Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Malaysia

Thursday July 11th, 13.30 hrs; Pak Apik Primadya welcomes ASLI members and international guests for the 2nd edition of the Indonesia Best Practices Awards Contest. The audience is concentrated and the nominees are  focused on their challenge to present their business case to the international BPAP jury. Mr. Peter Wennekes introduced CINET as the global umbrella association for the industry and explained the concept of Best Practices. These awards have proven the last 4 years to stimulate business development, improved the professional performance of the participating companies and raised enormous positive PR for the industry to clients and stakeholders.

The international jury (front row)

Kiloan Laundries

The competition in the coin laundry industry in Indonesia is extremely harsh. Market demands decreased in many parts of Indonesia because of elections causing an unsure economic perspective. However, the quality of services provided have upgraded and 10 top nominees demonstrated an excellent performance.

The Indonesia National Best Practices Awards participating nominees were:

  1. JM Laundry – Sumbar
  2. Setrika Areng Laundry – Bogor
  3. Beehive Laundry – Jakarta
  4. Mamits Laundry – Banten
  5. Netto Coin Laundry – Jakarta
  6. Jourdan Laundry – Jakarta
  7. Wasre Bandung – Cirebon
  8. Kumala Laundry – KalSel
  9. Istana Laundry – KalTim
  10. K-Jaya Laundry – Papua

With an extremely close finish Netto Coin Laundry was granted the Indonesia Overall Best Practices Award, Kumala Laundry the Award for Innovation and Istana Laundry  the Indonesia Sustainability Award.

Winners of the Indonesian Best Practices Award

Retail Textile Cleaning Awards South East Asia

Nominees from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei were nominated for the SOUTH EAST ASIA BEST PRACTICES AWARDS. Inspired by the examples of the Global Best Practices Awards in Milan last year, they delivered excellent 8-minutes presentations of their companies, emphasizing on the set criteria; Quality, Sustainability, Innovation, Business Model and Key-Note of the nominee. Professional franchise models, Laundry on Demand cases, Modern Human Resource Management & CSR examples, Sustainable Ideas and high quality processing were demonstrated and discussed. In spite of a long session everybody stayed to the very last moment until the winners were announced and granted with their Awards.

The international Professional Textile Cleaning South East Asia participating nominees were:

  1. Box24 – Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia
  2. Jeeves – Indonesia
  3. Vivaglo – Indonesia
  4. Drop & Wash – Malaysia
  5. Laundry Zone – Malaysia
  6. QNC – Indonesia
  7. Clean Wash – Brunei
  8. Pulito – Indonesia

The Overall Best Practices Awards was won by Jeeves of Belgravia Indonesia, Vivaglo Indonesia achieved the Sustainability Award and the Innovation Award was granted to Box24 from Thailand.

Both Overall winners (Netto and Jeeves) were invited to represent Indonesia and the SEA Region on the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE AWARD Contest in Frankfurt June 20th next year.

Winners of the SEA Awards