CINET Benchmark CBW’s: Project Plan

Washing tunnels have become the standard equipment in the global laundry industry. The development in this area is fast. Washing tunnels are developed dedicated to specific market segments and applications. At present, it is therefore helpful for the industry to know which washing tunnel is available at the leading suppliers and for what type of applications they are the best solutions.

CINET has the intention to provide the global industry with this overview of the washing tunnel market and to evaluate washing tunnels for applications in specific market segments. Certification is possible if the washing tunnels meet the minimum demands for that specific market segment. Those minimum demands or quality requirements for the individual market segments will be defined. An independent research institute will perform the experimental research and analysis to establish whether the washing runnel meet with the minimum quality for certification. CINET is approaching leading washing tunnel manufacturers to participate in this project.

In cooperation with the suppliers, CINET will define for each market segment the minimum demands and quality requirements. Afterwards, the washing tunnels will be tested on their performance.