CINET Live! PTC Special: Sustainability Huge Market Potential

Sustainability supports an enormous market potential for PTC in the next decade. Most important driving force are the consumers who adopt sustainability in their daily life. It is a trend that has increased during the pandemic. According to a recent Deloitte study, 32% of the consumers are highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Also governments adopt a more proactive attitude and take measures to improve sustainability and circularity of textiles. During this event, speakers from NGO’s, Associations, textile companies presented their vision, as well as textile cleaners and industrial laundries. The conclusion: there is a huge and challenging perspective for PTC.

For Professional Textile Care, CINET is developing initiatives in the framework of the International Sustainability Manifesto in the coming year focusing on stimulating business development and market development, engaging all parties in the supply chain, with the scientific support of reputed PTC experts. The first base was a research conducted 10 years ago and recently updated by Dr. ir. H. Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT), proving that Professional Textile Care is 3 to 5 times more sustainable than the domestic washing.

In this SUSTAINABILITY FIRST event, the focus was not only on the sustainability of the PTC sector itself, but also on intensifying textile use and circular textiles (recycling). Frank Aarts, Executive Director at CINET introduced initiatives of NGO’s and other stakeholders including Global Compact, By, NVZ Trade Association, Christeyns, TSC Wetclean, GreenEarth Cleaning and Electrolux Professional.

Mr. Nicolae Damu, International Marketing & Communication at CINET, described the changing market demand, major trends and new business applications. Case stories were presented by: Champion Cleaners – UAE, WOSH – Spain, Case studies USA (presented by Diana Vollmer), Beepee Enterprise – India, CWS Workwear – NL and NOB166 – Spain.

Altogether, a huge potential market. Several applications in the rental textile sector were presented (a.o. Vinted – NL, Greene’s Cleaners – USA), as well as new possibilities of a lifecycle perspective designed to slow down material cycles and save resources (a.o. CWS).


Second hand fashion – 1.5 larger compared to new fashion in 2030

In terms of circularity, better organization of waste streams will become a priority. The Ducth government is working towards making the economy being a circular one by 2050 in which (textile) waste no longer exists. By 2025, half of the clothing items on the market must consist of recycled or sustainable material(s). Mr. Henk Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT), introduced the relevant available cleaning technologies to develop new products and services from a perspective of retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services.

As a practical example, Centexbel (Belgium) presented a research study on developing a closed loop in workwear using PES fibers and Dobbi (NL), about the role a retail textile cleaner can play in terms of focusing on circularity of waste streams.

It was a successful online meeting, reuniting Professional Textile Care professionals from more than 20 countries.


Moderator: Peter Wennekes (CEO of CINET)


In the Live Event CINET presented its Sustainability initiatives 2021-2022 and the plan of action towards a “Sustainability PTC Chart” (to be presented at ExpoDetergo Milan October 2022)

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