CINET Program Clean Show Atlanta USA August 1: About The Speakers

We are extremely excited about the grand show that will be held at the Clean Show in Atlanta this year. We have a list of renowned industry specialists speaking on diverse topics and putting up pitches on the day. You must be already knowing some of them and also get the chance to network with them on the day.

Location: (Room B314)

TIME: 09.00 – 10.30 hrs


Here are the list of esteemed speakers at the CINET Program Clean Show in Atlanta:

Mr. Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET:
He will introduce and address everyone in the audience and give details about the much awaited Global Best Practices Awards 2022 in Milan on October 20-21st next.

Diana Vollmer, Ascend Consulting Group:
She will give a speech on PTC US Retail; Change of doing business, the different customer demand & services and how it is changing in the present world along with change of business models.

Laundry Heap (CH): Speech on PTC Europe Retail; Consumer demands.

Talking points-

  • turnaround of PTC market
  • personal services V/s online convenience
  • IT for steering processes

Anup Poddar, Beepee Laundry New Delhi:
Speech on India´s booming PTC markets

Julie Lijun Fornet Beijing:
Speaking on China´s Exceptional Advanced PTC

Christopher White of ABC Cleaners:
Speaking about the Convenience of PTC and its scope in the US Market

Dino Kantzavelos, CFA:
Speaking on Canada´s transforming PTC Business Services

Tristan van de Waart, Lavans NL:
Speaking on Netherland´s PTC Successful Labour Policies

Maurits Tiethof, Dobbi NL:
Pitch on Dobbi in the Lead for Top Circularity in Textiles

Christoph Richter, Electrolux Professional:
Pitch on Electrolux professional´s High Sustainable Quality

Charles Betteridge, Christeyns:
Christeyns´ Sustainability and Chemicals

Marco Niccolini, Renzacci:
Italy´s PTC industry and its key values for Future Profits

The Winners of GBPAP 2020 Speak:

  • Michael Harris of Ocean Cleaners (USA)
  • Kyle Grant of (UK)

Does this excite you enough? Then join us at this epic event for PTC professionals. We assure you to have a lovely time. You will also get more information on the biggest PTC awards show of this year, The Global Best Practices Awards 2022 in Milan on October 20-21st.

More information can be found on our website: Clean USA – CINET – The International Committee of Textile Care (