CINET Webinar program 2017

After the successful Webinar Laundry On-Demand last year, the response was extremely positive. CINET announced a complete webinar program for 2017 earlier this year. In several webinars CINET will elaborate on present-day topics and developments in the PTC industry following below schedule.

Webinar program 2017
Benchmark new wetcleaning processes – May 17
The Solvetex VI project compares and evaluates the performance of the available wet cleaning processes by setting a minimum of performance requirements (stain removal, greying, crimp and crease), to give an actual picture of the quality of the current wet cleaning technology.
Future Prespective Textile Services – June 14
This offers the most recent insights in Future Perspectives and the direction of the laundry and drycleaning industry. The vision on services and organisation within the professional textile care industry is formulated, focussing on the most important BtoB market segments Healthcare, Trade & Industry, and Hospitality & Recreation, as well as BtoC.
LTA Energy saving – September 7
In the Long-Term Agreements public-private partnerships are formed as a collective approach to improve energy-efficiency and environmental performance. Voluntary agreements with great benefits: up to 90% energy and water savings, significantly lower operating costs, and higher margins as a result of less wear on washed textiles.
Cost Calculation in Textile Cleaning – November 24
There is a need for an unambiguous tool to calculate the cost prices for retail textile cleaning. The NETEX cost analysis tool calculates the cost of each item as a function of the cleaning and finishing process. The model also determines the production per week (both in pieces and in kg) and calculates the total working time spent on the cleaning process.For more information and registration for one or more of the scheduled webinars please contact the CINET secretariat.

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