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CINET welcomes five new members!

CINET wishes to welcome five new members to its network: Sankosha Group, Pressing Belaroussie, MBT Textile, Bussetti & Co GmbH, and C2K-Pressing.

Sankosha, an innovator in laundry equipment

Sankosha Group and Pressing Belarussie

Sankosha is a leading leading company of commercial laundry and dry cleaning press machines, originating from Japan. Sankosha’s main line of products includes laundry pressing, dry cleaning pressing, folding & bagging machines. The company is worldwide engaged and operating in many countries, such as in the US, Thailand, and China. It manufactures all its products and their components in house, assuring thus high quality and continuous technical innovation.


A leading Dry Cleaner in Algeria: Pressing Belaroussi


Pressing Belaroussi was founded in 1966 by the brothers Belaroussi. The company is active in Algeria, investing in acquiring new technology and expanding its network. The company’s reputation has grown throughout the years in the fields of dry cleaning and industrial laundry, subsequently making it one of the leading companies in the country.


MBT Textile, leading Turkish textile company


Bussetti & Co GmbH, producing chemical products since 1930

Busseti & Co is an 100% Austrian family owned company, specializing in the production of chemical auxiliaries for various industries, including dry cleaning and textile care. Busseti owns big variety of production vessels, from small 25 kg vessels to 36 tons reactors. It continuously invests its profits in the renewal of appliances, in order to extend and improve them. The company was established in 1930. It employs 75 people and has a production volume of approximately 16.000 tons of various chemicals. It is the leader of Austrian producers of Defoamers, Fatting agents and Auxiliaries for dry cleaning and textile care.

C2K-Pressing, specialized in eco-friendly cleaning

C2K Pressing is an eco-friendly and innovative laundry of the South Vendée in France. Specialized in eco-friendly cleaning, the company treats clothes, furniture and linens with the aim of minimizing the environmental footprint. It also offer a series of complementary treatments (such as anti-mite treatment, antithex treatment, carpet and leather renovation). C2K-Pressing uses a technological process of water cleaning for more than 90% of garments based on 98% biodegradable detergents. Energy saving is also a priority; C2K is reducing water consumption thanks to a closed circuit for rinsing systems of water machines. At the same time, C2K uses the condenser water machine washing at a later time.

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