CINET welcomes JEEVES Jakarta (Indonesia) as new member!

CINET wishes to welcome JEEVES Jakarta from Indonesia as a new member to its network!

Jeeves Indonesia adheres to standard operating procedures set by the head office in London, England, to ensure consistent quality on every continent. This goes from the acquisition and maintenance of the equipment as recommended by the manufacturer to the use of a single, centralised processing plant to ensure quality is high and consistent at all times.

In addition to its dedication to operational excellence, Jeeves Indonesia also focuses on the quality of its service provision. For the sake of client convenience, Jeeves Indonesia welcomes clients at eight locations by now, while the company also provides home collection and delivery services to further accommodate its clients.

Committed to environmental sustainability

Both the operation and maintenance of the machinery used by Jeeves Indonesia are based on the International Jeeves Standards and the manufacturer’s recommendations, respectively. The consumption of chemical products is efficient, strictly regulated, and kept to a minimum without compromising on quality. In terms of machine maintenance, the manufacturer’s proposed schedules are followed and replacement parts are always ordered from the same manufacturer in order to ensure fit and quality. This way, Jeeves always keep all of its machinery in top condition.

You can find more info on how to become a member on the CINET website.