CINET welcomes Metropole (Philippines) as a new member!

CINET wishes to welcome Metropole Laundry and Dry Cleaners from The Philippines as a new member to its network!

Metropole has operated a total of 48 branches, composed of 35 company-owned stores and 13 franchisee-owned stores. All the branches are located in the Greater Manila Area. The branches are situated around residential community centers. This strategy has been a key factor in their growth. They plan to sustain their growth by establishing both company owned and franchised branches in newly developing self-contained communities.

Metropole pioneered in the Philippines the system of placing its machines and facilities up-front, where they would be in plain view. Washing, drying and pressing is done at the branch level where the washing area is integrated into the receiving area to allow customers to see first-hand that their laundry is being processed in a clean environment, and in a systematic and hygienic manner.

From Metropole’s inception, washing was done following the “One Customer, One Washing Load” rule. Metropole does not commingle clothes from different customers in one washing load for hygienic reasons.

The system of handling and processing customer items in Metropole is a result of a systematic progression of processes and techniques. Their slogan is to become your “Clothes’ Best Friend”.

You can find more info on how to become a member on the CINET website.