CINET welcomes USLAUNDRY (Sint Maarten) as a new member!

CINET welcomes USLAUNDRY from Sint Maarten as a new member to its network!

The high-volume laundry plant USLAUNDRY located in Phillipsburg serves the hospitals and hotels/resorts with room capacity over 3500 rooms, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

USLAUNDRY is committed to exceeding the quality standard by making use of altered technological washing processes which will comply with the ISO 9001 standard (International Organization for Standardization). USLAUNDRY has invested in the use of alternative combustibles that will lead to better cost-control and at the same time will contribute to a greener production process.

By offering the year-round services that the clients are already familiar with, USLAUNDRY will exceed customer expectations by means of offering more catered services such as linen rental, contributing to a meaningful business relationship with the clients.

They strive to attain and maintain healthy cooperation with their clients when it comes to issues such as linen stock. This will be accomplished by working closely to hotel’s key managers and by making use of utilization reviews i.e. monitoring linen replacements to ensure a proper circulation of inventory. Daily pick-up and delivery service is based on a 24-hour guarantee.


You can find more info on how to become a member on the CINET website.