Circularity carried by big brands

The current clothing abuse is already enormous, especially when you realise that many clothing is barely worn or not worn at all. By 2030 the abuse is expected to be increased with 63%; this equals 500 billion new t-shirts! The demand of supplies is therefore also gigantically increasing. A bad development keeping “overshoot day” and climate change in mind. The production of textile is already causing 1.2 billion ton of greenhouse gases! The Ellen MacArthur Foundation thinks that textile, based on the current population and consumption patterns, will be responsible for over more than 25% of the worldwide CO2-emission by 2020. Time to change!

Big brands like Puma and Nike introduce new collections where “waste” is used as source. Puma introduced a new sportswear collection together with ‘The First Mile’ network, where a minimum of 83% of recycled polyester yarn is used in the production process. Nike produces, in line with the “Move to Zero”-philosophy, recycled materials and waste in her so-called ‘Space Hippie’-shoes. This is where professional textile care can provide huge value by making longer usage of textile and shoes, trading, rental and combinations possible. And additionally, by the time the textile is worn out, re-integrate them as source in the circulation!