Cleaning and Laundry jobs unsexy?  

Cleaning professionals have the ‘unsexiest’ job in Britain, according to a poll of UK professions conducted by Jamie Waller, accompanying his new book, ‘Unsexy Business’. With plumbers, accountants and taxi drivers close behind.

The research results are contrary to the fact that this whole industry contributes more than £24 billion to the economy and employing more than 700,000 hardworking employees across the UK.

With his book Waller wants people to realize that a business doesn’t have to be sexy to be successful. With glamorous techno companies  everywhere, people seem to forget that some of the biggest money is made in the basic, day to day businesses. That may not sound thrilling, but they can be  financially very rewarding. Apart from that, it is generally acknowledged that the cleaning and adjacent sectors such as the textiele-care-sector are important to a country’s economy, since without it society would come to a halt. Tackling litter,keeping the streets clean, doing the laundry for hospital and residential care homes.. you name it. The work these sectors do is vital and enables people to live in a hygienic, healthy and safe environment. Besides, most professionals in these  industries take great pride in their work, in their professionalism, and in the contribution they make to our society.