CleanLease (NL), Successful Implementation of Sustainable Initiatives

Together with healthcare employees, CleanLease has developed a comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable jackets: the reusable insulation jacket in The Netherlands. The jacket is sustainably produced and cleaned with minimal use of water, energy and chemicals. This not only reduces the waste mountain, but also the ecological footprint.

Due to the increasing demand from hospitals and healthcare institutions, production has recently been scaled up and more than 50,000 coats have already been produced and used for customers. After the reusable insulation jacket, CleanLease is now well on the way in close collaboration with several hospitals to introduce new reusable products, including the surgical cap. Wearing trials of this new surgical cap are well received. The range also includes sterile reusable surgical gowns that are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging.

Based on the concept of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, the CO2 footprint is reduced and the mountain of waste is reduced. Together with the partners in the hospitals, CleanLease is working hard to increase the use of reusable products and at the same time support each other’s ambitions in the field of sustainability.