Closed-loop Manufacturing Process for Linen

Modern hotels value features such as durability, comfort, hygiene, sustainability and affordability in their linen. Unfortunately, they hardly ever come all together. If a product is sustainable, it is expensive in most cases. If the linen has hygiene as its defining characteristic, comfort may be less.

In order to tackle that dilemma, Austria-headquartered, fibre producer Lenzing Group and Dubai-based linen management company Rent-A-Towel have joined forces to produce, process and supply bed and bath linen to the global hospitality and healthcare industry via a rental model. Their innovative product is claimed to combine all five features in a single, science-backed, tested solution to become the future of linen – Dr. LinenTM.

With this partnership the companies intend to integrate sustainability in every step of the production process and make a product as well as a service that is ideally suited for the pandemic age and later. It is stated to combine a 100% sustainable production with built-in quality, as well as moisture management of the fibres to ensure thermal regulation for more guest comfort and hygiene. Finally, it will see to a cost- and water saving laundry process.