Coin Shortage in US affects Laundry Owners

In the US, the coronavirus crisis has lead to a nationwide coin shortage amongst retailers. Laundromat owners too, have found themselves short of the quarters needed to refill changers.

The Federal Reserve – the nation’s central  bank – recently revealed that the pandemic had “significantly disrupted” the supply chain and circulation patterns for America’s metal money. First of all, because The US Mint – the nation’s manufacturer of legal tender coinage – has slowed production of coins due to measures to protect workers amid the crisis. At the same time, coin deposits from banks have also decreaded in the past few months, according to the central bank. Although dollar coins continue to be readily available at local banks.

In short, coins are used at a considerable lower speed than before Corona-times. Closed bank branches, limited visits to grocery stores and retail transactions slowed down during lockdown and  have all contributed to the shortage. For additional information and to get ideas to help solve this issue, the US-based Coin Laundry Association has opened an online forum for laundry owners who have found themselves unable to secure a sufficient supply of quarters from their local banks.