Cole & Wilson’s Wet Cleaning enables adapting to changing customer needs

Cole & Wilson, part of the international Christeyns detergents and chemicals group, are specialists in the development and supply of products for the cleaning of today’s modern range of textiles, particularly in providing solutions for smaller dry cleaning and laundry installations.

Since times are changing,  the laundry business too is confronted with its effects.  We see chemical improvements into more fabric friendly, more sustainable products, but also changes in the range of textiles found in the high street and the trend for less formal business outfits in many sectors. Consequently, dry cleaning outlets are confronted with the need to broaden their services and adapt to the changing needs of their customers and the more complex structured garments.

Introducing wet cleaning outlets and on-premise laundries may provide an enhanced service for both traditional and delicate fabrics, one that is not only kinder to the environment but also offers a smart use of machinery and chemicals. The Cole & Wilson wet cleaning process is claimed to use less cleaning chemicals and saves on drying time, uses less water and washes at lower temperatures thus saving energy. The added benefit of being able to clean a wider range of work, offer extra services, makes a wet cleaning set up especially financially viable.