Collective actions of CTTN (France) under pressure

The French media signals a potential blow for the national PTC industry which could be deprived of a technical resource and an interlocutor in negotiations with State bodies: under the influence of a decision the Ministry of Industry, the Center technique of dyeing and cleaning (CTTN) indeed sees its budgetary allocation from the State removed from 2021, and by extension its status of industrial technical center (CTI) called into question, like moreover that of the IFTH (French Institute for Textiles and Clothing) .

To carry out its mission, the CTTN received an annual budget allocation from the Ministry of Industry. This was gradually decreased over the last decade. “However, the State announced that from the year 2021 inclusive, it would no longer give any endowment to the CTTN (the same for other technical centers of the same nature) to carry out these collective actions. These will therefore be very small this year, and their future is called into question by this decision of the State in terms of funding organizations under its supervision” warns Pierre Letourneur, the President of the CTTN in the last number of the French Entretien Textile.