Texcare Asia 2017 successful conclusion

Combined exhibitions in China in 2019; Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo join forces

With the implementation of environmental protection policy, China’s laundry industry is facing new challenge and new opportunity. China Laundry Expo and Texcare Asia, as two crucial industrial exhibitions have been the focus of the industry for years. Based on the long-term consideration of promoting the development of the industry, the organizers of the two exhibitions decided to combine the exhibitions into one from 2019 onwards.

The merged exhibition will be held annually in Shanghai, as the largest industrial exhibition in Asia, the exhibition will present more comprehensive and more advanced equipment, products and technologies to every laundry industry insider.

A signing ceremony will be held on July 18th during China Laundry Expo 2018.

Date & Time: 10:00~11∶00,  July 18th
Location: M9 Conference Room, 2nd floor, Hall W2, SNIEC