Commercial Laundry driver Awarded as Top Road Transport Trainee in Scotland!


Andrew Rundell, a Class 2 Driver for commercial laundry firm Fishers, has been elected as Scotland’s Top Road Transport Trainee at the 26th annual Scottish Rewards ceremony.

Before his career as a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) driver Rundell worked in the army, healthcare and hospitality. He joined the Fishers as a Class 2 driver. At first he acted as a co-driver of a regular colleague for two weeks. During this period he was introduced to high-end customers. After that he started to drive his own 15-ton truck across Scotland. Rundell: “I’m thankful to Fishers for hiring me and giving me my first job as a driver. The supervisors and team leaders have all been drivers themselves, so it’s great to see that they had the opportunity to grow in the business.”

Gordon Robertson, the company’s transport manager stated:  “It’s really encouraging to see the next generation of drivers like Andrew being recognised for their achievements. Fishers has fantastic customers all across Scotland and we’re especially proud of our team that help to deliver fantastic service, like Andrew. ”