Control of wash Cycles via Miele’s new App

A new mobile app designed to make the working life of contract cleaners simpler is soon to be released by Miele. This app allows the control of wash cycles via a tablet PC or smartphone and facilitates the saving of process data: Which mops were washed and how? With or without disinfection? Was the cycle successfully completed? This app communicates with Mopstar washing machines but also other commercial Miele models and is initially compatible only with Android operating system.

The application can access data ‘on the fly’, such as which washing machines are currently running and when the programmes are due to end. Faults are relayed in real time and automatically displayed so that there is no delay in dealing with the cause of the problem. In the archive section, the wash cycles together with the name of the programme selected and an evaluation of disinfection results can be saved for a period lasting several days. The app is part of a software package which collates data on individual cleaning textiles. These must be labelled with a barcode or an RFID tag. Tags and labels can be scanned as required prior to each wash cycle, allowing matching loads for washing machines to be put together.

A tracer slip is printed which stays with the load. At a glance, this provides those operating the machines with all the information they need to select the correct programme. Depending on the application, the slip can also be scanned, and the wash cycle data then assigned automatically to individual load items. This contains all data relevant to the wash cycle, such as temperatures. This is saved to a database to which the app has access. After washing and as and when required, drying data can also be scanned.

As the software archives information on cleaning textiles, data on how often an item has already been washed and dried is available at the touch of a button, indicating how close cleaning textiles are to the end of their useful life. This allows mops and cleaning cloths to be replaced when functionality goes into decline but before any signs of wear and tear become visible.