Corona: how are we doing after more than 1.5 years?

An update of the state of affairs and expectations

Since the beginning of last year, our daily lives have been dominated by the corona virus. Worldwide, more than 230 million people became infected. The virus has so far claimed more than 4.7 million lives. More than 6 billion vaccinations have now been performed. Several countries have let go of corona measures or, as in the Netherlands, have relaxed them considerably.

The question is where are we? And what can we expect? After all, last month 15 million new infections were registered worldwide and almost 250,000 deaths.

The International Hygiene Advisory Committee has therefore drawn up a bulletin in which these questions are answered and a number of conclusions are drawn. While hospitals will return to a more normal situation in the coming period, the loss of international business trips in particular remains a bottleneck for catering & recreation. With corona as a new reality in our lives, monitoring, “booster” vaccinations and additional measures from time to time will become the new normal.

You can read the full message on IHAC.

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