Corona neutralizing hoodies, an alternative to face mask

A neck gaiter or a hoodie with a collar with an anti-microbial finish that neutralizes viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 can be a safe and fashionable alternative to wearing face masks.

After Portugal, this innovation of the Gokä brand (in the MO TEX portfolio) is available in The Netherlands and Belgium markets. These are the first garments to be scientifically tested and certified as protection against corona. The Portuguese government sets strict requirements for masks and they are only approved if they really work against viruses and the wearer can breathe through them properly. This also applies to the Gokä neck gaiter and hoodie, which offer 99 percent protection against viruses.

The collar was developed with the help of nanotechnology and consists of several layers. A water-repellent layer stops virus droplets and an antimicrobial layer makes viruses harmless. Other layers provide ventilation or block unpleasant odors. The neck gaiter was primarily designed to protect against exhaust fumes, dust, smog, pollen or other allergens, but it also appears to provide adequate protection against viruses such as Covid-19. When a virus reaches the garment, it is neutralized. It does not infect the user or transfer to any other surface that someone can touch. The technology has been tested by the Textile Research Institute in Spain and the Institut Pasteur de Lille in France.