Corona-Related Challenges in the French PTC Market

Also the French Professional Textile Care sector is still very affected by the Corona crisis, with a wave of bankruptcies threatening the industry. A report from L’Entretien magazine makes an analysis on the main challenges faced by the most important PTC segments in the French market.

Retail Textile Cleaning

The RTC segment shows a drop in turnover of around 40 to 90% in the extreme cases. According to Mr. Olivier Risse, the President of Federation of Dry Cleaners and Laundries (FFPB), the issue of rents remains a crucial point for most of the companies.

Industrial Textile Services: decrease in hospitality, bigger revenues for healthcare laundries

Tourism and catering at half has a strong impact on rental sector, for whom the forecast turnover for 2020 is down by around 35%. on average. A gloomy outlook linked to the more than declining hotel and restaurant market on which many specialized players in this sector depend. An estimation of The Groupement des Entreprises Industrielles de Services Textiles (GEIST) show that rental companies have lost 50% of their turnover this year.

On the other hand, laundries that are active in the healthcare market, and in particular hospital laundries, recorded a 50% increase in the activity related to workwear. According to Andy Nguyen, president of the Union of Hospital Laundries Managers ( URBH), the laundries had to call on overtime, temporary work or contract workers. Consumption of professional clothing is stable and there is an estimate of further increase. To cope with this upturn in activity, some laundries even plan a switch from five working days per week to six days.