Corona update for FTN members (NL)

FTN (The Dutch Federation of Textile Management) organized a webinar about the corona virus on Thursday, April 16. After a review of the development and the rapid spread of the new virus, the main impact on the sector was analized and measures needed to tackle this challenge were explained. Some 35 participants, representing industrial laundries across the country, were informed about the developments and consequences of the corona crisis.

The new reality of the “1.5 meter economy”, how laundries can safely handle corona contaminated laundry and deliver corona-free textiles, were the main topics of the webinar. Further details were provided on the protocols and recommendations for textile service companies developed by FTN together with esteemed international experts, microbiologists, cleaning experts and authorities including Dutch authorities.



Together with the participants of this webinar it was concluded that:

  • This year the virus is having a dramatic effect on the industry and half of companies are expected to be in serious trouble without adequate financial government support;
  • The effect on the economic development is expected to last one to two years before the market has recovered to the level of the beginning of this year before the corona crisis occurred;
  • Protocols are now available for safe working with corona-contaminated laundry and for providing hygienically clean, corona-free textiles; these protocols are supported by Dutch authorities and (inter-)national experts;
  • FTN will continue to work with umbrella organizations to arrange for additional financial support measures to support the members;
  • FTN will prepare a  Sector PTC  Protocol “Corona” for safe working conditions.