Curious about the YEP Award? 10.000 reasons, €10.000 award.

Not only is CINET working towards the Global Best Practices Award (GBPA) 2020 in Frankfurt this June, we also put some effort into the YEP Exhange Program (Young Entrepreneurs in PTC). This program consists of three sessions in three different countries and is aimed for:

  • Stimulate innovation and development of new business models and services for (new) market segments by organizing 3-5 master class programs (in 3-5 different countries) focused around a specific topic for new market development, incl. innovative technologies, human resource management and marketing strategies.
  • Exchange know-how and practical experience amongst young promising Laundry managers & business owners.
  • Build on the PTC community; set up personal contacts between the most promising young laundrypreneurs from different countries, long-time industry experts and leading suppliers to discuss new technologies and how it can open up new markets.

Participants of the YEP Program intend to present their business cases on the GBPA event 2020 as well.

YEP Awards

The best business plans and pitch presentations, evaluated by independent international Business Experts, will be granted with YEP Awards (young executive professional);

  • The Overall International YEP Award 2020
  • The Most innovative YEP Award 2020
  • The best Marketing Strategy YEP Award 2020

In both categories BtoC and BtoB. All participants who deliver a paper meeting the set criteria, will be rewarded by a CINET International Award of Excellence and will be globally recognized at the GBPA event.

In addition, all rewarded business plans & reports will be brought together in a CINET World of PTC publication, distributed at the GBPA event.

And finally, the winners will receive €10.000 in consultancy hours from CINET experts of choice.

Excited? Let’s hear it at the final YEP session in London (UK) from April 25-28!