Curtains that purify air, IKEA has them

Starting next year Ikea will tackle indoor air pollution. The Swedish home furnishings store will introduce curtains that can purify air. According to Ikea, the technology also offers possibilities for other applications.

If light falls on the curtains (named Gunrid), a reaction is created that is similar to photocatalysis in nature. When the photocatalyst is exposed, pollutant in the air breaks down. The technology has been developed in collaboration with universities in Asia and Europe. According to Ikea, the curtain works with light from both inside and outside.

In addition to cleaner air, the company hopes that the curtains will also raise awareness among people. According to the World Health Organization WHO, 90 percent of all people breathe in polluted air. This leads to around 8 million deaths annually.

Ikea is not the only company that wants to improve the quality of indoor air with its products. Carpet tile manufacturer Interface has developed a tile in which CO2 can be stored. French researchers developed LED textile in 2015, which also works with photocatalysis.