CWS survey reveals: importance of (cleaning) workwear often underestimated

The new German “Craftsman Survey” by occupational clothing rental company CWS-boco – a leading supplier of professional textile services and washroom hygiene solutions – showed that over 5 million people are working in Germany, they are proud of their profession, feel largely appreciated by society and the majority would choose their profession again.

However, the study also showed the importance of workwear. Being able to wear the right clothing at work is considered to play an important role in one’s jobsatisfaction. The vast majority of craftsmen (84.4 percent) think that workwear should look good and most respondents (98.5 percent) think that well-kept professional clothing makes a good impression on the customer.

According to Uwe Böhlke, CWS-boco’s Craftsmanship Manager the impact of clothing is considerably underestimated by employers. Some outcomes confirming this statement: 78.4 percent of the respondents think that the employer should take care of the washing and maintenance of the workwear. However, at the moment most craft workers (75.8 percent) are kept responsible for the maintenance themselves. As a result,this situation may have the undesirable effect of not only jeopardizing the looks, but also the functionality and safety of the garments.