Datamars, a strong commitment to innovation in PTC

Datamars Textile, a global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that recently joined CINET global network, launched the UHF High Density Cabinet, a manually operated single door cabinet, which is designed to meet the requirements of light industrial environments and suitable for soil and clean textiles identification and also for space constrained applications.

It is provided with a standard software configuration for quick installation and set-up. A simple yet powerful web management interface allows to customize the EPC data format.

Thanks to the metallic, fully shielded structure, clearance is not required around the LiteCab.

According to Datamars, there are two available versions: one SMALL, to fit trolley and a LARGE one (30cm wider vs small version), to fit pallet the other customer benefits are:

  • easy-to-assemble to simplify both transportation and installation
  • suited for space limited applications
  • quick installation and reduced set-up time
  • fast and accurate read rates for bulk readings, up to thousands of items
  • fully shielded, no risk of stray reads

Datamars Textile demonstrates a strong commitment to innovative solutions for a sustainable development of the professional textile care market.